¿Why perform preventive maintenance to my air conditioning system?

If you’ve got an aging air conditioner, you’re probably not looking forward to the hot and humid summer days ahead. 

What if – for a relatively small investment – you could save money, breathe cleaner air, enjoy increased safety and comfort in your home, and help the environment while boosting your overall peace of mind?

Is air conditioning preventive maintenance really worth it?

Think about it this way, if you had a car that was sitting unused all winter, would you feel comfortable taking it out on a long road trip without getting it checked out first? If you did, you would be risking a breakdown and a major headache. 

Getting your equipment tuned up and ready for the hot days ahead with air conditioning preventive maintenance is imperative. Not only for your comfort and peace of mind, but also for the reliability and longevity of your system.

If you sweated your way through last summer and shelled out a lot of cash for repairs, you may want to prevent breakdowns this summer by maintaining your system in optimal condition. Here are some reasons why you should do it.

8 reasons why you should schedule a maintenance now

Save Money

Regular air conditioner maintenance is said to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%. Preventive maintenance helps ensure that your AC system runs at close to peak efficiency. This can mean savings of up to 30% on your energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Extend system life

When your air conditioning system functions at its top performance, it runs at the optimum use of all the components of the system.

This removes all the stress on critical components and works in a harmony that leads to an extended life span of your air conditioning or heating systems. Maintenance extends the life of your system. Reducing the likelihood that you’ll need to spend big bucks on an AC installation soon. 

Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

If the indoor air quality in your home isn’t good, it can cause you to sneeze and cough more often than usual. It can also cause those with allergies to suffer a great deal.

Though we are not aware of it, we share our homes with a variety of substances that we would rather not breathe. These common indoor allergens range from ordinary household dust that can contain dozens of respiratory issues to pet dander, dust mites, cigarette smoke, pollen and mold.

Simply replacing your home’s furnace filter can work wonders for your indoor air quality, but if you want to be sure you’re breathing in fresh clean air. You might be able to improve your home’s indoor air quality and identify quality issues resulting from under-maintained equipment.

Keeps Your Home Comfortable at all times

Regular maintenance helps your system produce and distribute the cool air more evenly and steadily. It also reduces the odds that you’ll come home one summer’s day to find no air blowing through your vents.

Preventive steps like cleaning your ductwork can help ensure that your home cools as evenly and efficiently as possible.

Ensure Your Home’s Safety

A malfunctioning AC system can release dangerous gases like carbon monoxide wafting through the air in your home. It can potentially be deadly if you don’t have carbon monoxide detectors installed.

By doing air conditioning preventive maintenance, you’ll avoid these scary scenarios. You should never have to worry about excessive water damage or carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.

Help the Environment

Preventive maintenance on your AC system can be one of the most rewarding solutions you implement into your eco-friendly environment.  

Your AC system might be wasting energy and/or fuel by running more often than necessary trying to cool your home. Not overlooking this simple solution can help our environment and help your home stay green and healthy.

Warranty cover

Today, most of the new equipment comes with an extended or standard warranty. Nonetheless, several of these warranties are only valid after regular maintenance is carried out. 

Besides, most parts are covered under warranty. Hence, in case you have not maintained your system, and you experience a breakdown, you will be inconvenienced because you will be staring at a hefty bill.

Functions Smoothly And Quietly

You get a proper and quietly functioning air conditioning system when it is well maintained. 

During maintenance, any issues related to duct silencers, acoustic foam, and other sound-absorbing components are analyzed and fixed. This prevents any loud or disturbing noise to ensure that your air conditioning system functions smoothly and quietly.

Finally, investing in a preventive maintenance plan gives you the comfort of knowing that if something goes wrong, you’ve already taken steps to make the situation as painless as possible.

Schedule a preventive maintenance today

If it has been longer than 6 months since the last time a professional air conditioning contractor performed preventive maintenance on your AC system, now is the perfect time to schedule it.

You should have maintenance done on your AC system before the temperature starts to rise. It’ll help you keep your home comfortable and safe while saving you lots of money and giving you peace in mind throughout the process.

Contact us today and schedule a time for one of our technicians to perform a preventive maintenance service on your air conditioning systems.